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About us

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With our passion to deliver authentic and sumptuous Indian delicacy. Twenty One is a fine dining Indian Restaurant serving lip-smacking food and beverage options. Along with that we are proud of a superlative customer experience. The aroma of the food is truly mesmerizing. Add to that the décor and ambience that is reminiscent of Indian culture that we yearn for.
Twenty One restaurant symbolises indigenous food. Our vision is to fulfil all your food cravings, be it street food of North India or the authentic taste of South India. We at Twenty One are proud to say that each of our customers is our family. Twenty One is the house of an authentic taste, mesmerizing ambience and of course a kind staff. We provide quality consistent food that tastes great every single time. Twenty One can proudly say that we have our heart and soul in each dish.
Twenty One would love to be a home away from home for all of it's customers, so have your next meal with us and be part of the family!


Feel and Taste

We are proud to be a home away from home for all our customers with lip-smacking food and mesmerizing ambiance.

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Authentic Taste

Be part of the family while enjoying an authentic and modern taste of a vast variety of Indian cuisine.


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